Yoga and Indian Classical Dances

Wiht Melania Galiano


Melania Galiano

An artist of great sensitivity, committed to teaching to preserve the related traditions and philosophies that support yoga and dance, without neglecting modern expression

Classes and retreats


“Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self”

                                                            Bhagavad Gita

Indian dances

Classes, workshops and retreats

Dance is a celebration of the inner soul, a process of abandonment that brings serenity, humility, determination and strength, to embrace technique and liberate the mind

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Compañía Giro

The stage is the place where dreams are expressed, passion invites to movement, the body becomes a note and dance, poetry


Compañía Giro

Ctra. A-132 s/n

22808 Murillo de Gállego



Melania Galiano

Tlfno: +34 639 88 72 84

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